Brandon Miller

Red Bull LAN

Project Summary

Red Bull LAN is an invite-only professional gaming performance camp. Teams train in a facility with 37 monitors, virtual mock-ups of game maps and a room dedicated to reviewing game play. Teams focused on strategy, reviewed game footage, analyzed stats, developed new tactics and took their pwnage to new levels.

The website manages live stream broadcasts, player stats and viewing participation features while running on a handful of high-performance systems and delivering assets over a content delivery network to keep things snappy.

The event has since transformed into a repeating occurrence, traveling to many major cities in the U.S. and focusing on a variety of game titles. Developed while under employment of Archrival.

Involvement & Achievements

  • Led strategy and execution of public site and CMS
  • Innovative integration with Bungie (makers of Halo franchise) APIs that allowed us to retrieve deep statistics on all players and matches during the tournament
  • Over three days, hundreds of thousands of viewers tuned in to watch the live stream
  • While watching the stream, viewers could interact with chat, make wagers on predictions for prizes and see real-time data
Project no longer active