Brandon Miller


Project Summary

After enjoying the experience of Jackbox games but struggling to play alongside friends in another state, I started a new web-based party game platform titled Partypit. This project consists of several digital components that combine to let users play games using their TVs and mobile devices in the same room or across the globe. Each month, one game title is free to play and users can access the entire library with an inexpensive subscription.

The service launches in Q3 2022 with three titles- and more to follow!

Involvement & Achievements

  • Executed all concepting, strategy, design and development
  • Responsible for all Infrastructure strategy, implementation and maintenance
  • Games can be launched and played from web browser or devices serving from Partypit platform
  • Users can join and play together from multiple locations
  • Platform supports management of Node.js game servers, titles, users and more!